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If you’ve been looking for a logo that represents your brand in a powerful and creative way, then look no further than CVC Marketing. We also offer Web Design and SEO services. Take a look at our packages below


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer unlimited revisions?

No, we offer up to 5 revisions but we ensure we do our best in the initial process to make sure you are satisfied.

How Do I Pay?

We take 50 % of the cost of the project and once completed, we provide the completed product on receiving remainder of payment.

What if I don’t like the first set of logos at all?

It is unlikely to happen since the process of creating a logo for any client first goes through consultation to find out what thye needs are. However if such a case was to happen, we try our utmost to work along with our clients, as much as feasibly possible.

How much Time Does A LOgo Take?

We aim for four days, but based on the complexity of what the client requires it could take longer.

How Many Logos Do I get?

You get 2 different renderings of the logo to choose from, the final product is yours to do as you wish once full payment is received.

What if I want to make a change to a logo?

It is possible to change the logo, but based on original arrangement it could incur extra costs based on nthe issue and when it is brought forth. Also note any changes could affect delivery time as well.

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